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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Paddlers early on in the 2008 race (photo courtesy of GetOutdoorsUSA)

I'm racing in the Chippewa triathlon this weekend.  It will be my first real endurance test since the arrowhead in February - and that seems like ages ago.  I figure i'll come in with a time of around 6 hours and hope to place in the top three in the solo male catagory (Ok, honestly i hope to win).  I may be way off base - i may get slaughtered - who knows.  But if you've followed this journey at all, you probably know that i think confidence is key.....

The training has been going as well as can be expected, given that the stress of writing my thesis (due for completion in a matter of 6 weeks) is severe and made worse by the fact that my heart is only slightly in it.  I think i've finally got the kinks worked out for the paddling leg - the second version of the attached wheel assembly seems to be working fine - though it's only been really tested on one occasion.  I'm feeling reasonably fit in all three disciplines (though not at my peak in any of them) and have had a few longer workouts this last week to prepare me mentally for the challenge.  My bike is tuned up (if only the chain doesn't break this year!) and ready to go, and i've only a few last minute gear tweaks to make (how do i attach the camel bak to my life jacket for the paddle?  do i take the carbon soled bike shoes that hurt my feet, of the comfy nylon soled ones that let my heels slip out?).  I'm excited as hell and can't wait to leave it all out there and forget about grad school for a while.  

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