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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Round 2

Map of the ride

Last sunday I found myself at the in-law's cabin near Vergas, MN again.  Unable to run because of my recent barefoot running experiment, i thought i'd take another crack at the 30+ mile ride that had so humbled me back in march (post is here).  The winds were high but cool temps and a couple of days of rest had me feeling up to the challenge.   Long story short - what had taken me 130 minutes then took me about 97.  I was elated and shocked.  I hadn't even been giving it everything i've got - most of my time was in Z2 and Z3, with a few pushes into Z4 and above on some of the hills when i was feeling frisky.  I was so fired up when i completed the loop that i tacked on an extra 6 miles just for fun.

Not sure what the cause for the vast improvement is - i'd been riding more back in march, albeit most of it was inside.  The geometry has changed a bit on my bike - i spent lots of time in aero position this time whereas last time i didn't have the aerobars on the bike.  I'm not sure aero position can account for a change of this magnitude however - but i'm fairly sold now on the idea of spending as much time 'down' as possible.  Needless to say, i'm fired up and thinking that maybe i'll pull off the silverman in good style after all!

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