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Friday, July 30, 2010

Silverman thoughts

Seems like not very long now until the silverman race.  My fitness suffered a bit in the lead up to TMF 3 as a result of the blisters on my foot and trying to get ready for my thesis defense.  Alas, the defense was  a train wreck and i'm going to continue to be (too) busy trying to sort through the wreckage for another go.  Priorities though include getting a solid training schedule planned so that i'm ready to go in november.

There's a bit of a twist though, in that because i'll be part of team Yogaslackers for the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in December (a very high profile international stage race) they want to race with me prior to that event.  so it looks like i'm doing the Checkpoint tracker series national championship race down in Moab, Utah, the weekend before the Silverman.  I know, I know, this probably will hurt my performance a bit, but well see how it goes.  In many ways its very much against my better judgement, but on the other hand it provides a heap of excuses for the Ironman, should i need to use them.

Two more things:  i've added a link to the training pages which will take readers to my silverman training schedule (still a work in progress) which i'll fill in as i go, and i've picked out goals or benchmarks that i hope to meet during my training, which i'll use to determine preparedness (and the worth of my training).  I'd like to be able to hammer each discipline pretty hard for at least a quarter distance of what i'll be doing during the race.  In numbers this means i'm shooting to swim 1000 meters in 15 minutes, bike 28 miles in 1 hr 15, and then running 7 miles in 45 minutes.  i'm thinking that swimming is going to be the hardest, but we'll see.

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