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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Less than three days

Ascending during Primal Quest, 2006,
my last run in with adventure racing in Moab, UT.
Less than three days remain until the race starts.  The weather forecast looks promising (the weather here has taken a turn for the worse - hopefully not to the extent that airports will close!) and my team-mates are all gathered in Santa Barbara, making preparations.  I think I've hit the training pretty well - although the feelings of the last post remain true (I'm not at what i consider my peak level in any of the disciplines) - i feel fit enough, fast enough, confident enough, and eager enough to have a great race.  I'm so much looking forward to the starting line and the opportunity to dive head first into the pool of self imposed pain and suffering which i'm counting on this race to provide that i'm a bit like a caged animal and can't sit still.  Experience tells me that two hours in i'll probably be praying silently for a navigational challenge significant enough to slow the pace - or begging for a tow (especially if on the bike, where i'll be the weakest of the team), but until then, i'm all anticipation and expectation.

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