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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Speed bump

The speedbump
I woke up this morning unable to move my upper back - the muscles on one side had contracted with vice like intensity and were pulling my spine out of alignment.  Its been over three years since i've been plagued by this problem, which first occurred (and lasted over six months) as the result of a high jumping accident and was made worse/prolonged by a high stress.  Once again these two factors have coincided - a good crash at last Sunday's cyclocross race and the fact that I defend my thesis again (having 'failed' the first attempt last summer) in five days time are likely causes of the 'injury'.  Bummer.

On a positive note i have lots of experience with the issue and know that i can at least train through it (activity, even strenuous activity never seemed to make things worse, although it may indeed have kept things from getting better).  My fingers are crossed, however, that the emergency 30 minute massage i've managed to schedule with a very gifted professional this afternoon will essentially set me right again and keep me from having to.


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