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Monday, February 28, 2011

putting it together

Andy Mueller, yetified.
Whew!  Iceman triathlon is done, and was a great success thanks to all the hard work from GGFYP, the volunteers that froze their butts off, and the wonderful sponsors, not to mention racers.  In the final week before the event i ended up putting in about 60 hours of work setting the course and taking care of last minute details and for the first time in well over a year didn't get in my 'allotted' time for training.  i thought about trying to make it up this coming week but this week promises to be just as busy as i prepare to leave the country for 7 weeks, heading to new zealand, and am just going to let it go.  although in the grand scheme of things this is clearly no big deal, it was in fact a small hurdle for me, as i've been pretty committed to getting three hours a week come hell or high water.  A good challenge.

A 'trail' from the Dusky Track
In new zealand i've got my next effort planned - a three day sufferfest that involves 100 miles of travel, split between packrafting (both whitewater and flatwater) and trekking/running on about 20% good trail, 50% bad trail (a trail only by new zealand standards), and 30% off trail.  the first day, which is pretty typical for all three, will involve about 15 miles of mountain running with serious elevation gain and loss, 6 miles of trail-less trekking, and 5 or 6 miles of whitewater paddling.  The second day takes in over half the distance of the infamous Dusky track, the most notorious walking 'track' in all of new zealand, after a flatwater paddle of about 12 miles.  to put things in perspective this section of track takes normal 'well equipped and experienced parties' four days walking.  Fun stuff.  In building up to this effort using the principals outlined in previous posts, here's what i've put together as a training regimine for the next four weeks....

  • Week 1 (2.5 hours) - packing for New zealand, traveling to MN on friday, flying to LA on saturday night.
    • tuesday:  StepMill, 30 min, speed.  Interval program.  lvl 14 for RI, lvl 20 for WI.
    • Wednesday:  swim, 15 minutes, tempo (aim for 1000+ yards)
    • Thursday:  Bike, 1 hour, Long.  On trainer.  gear profile 2-3 to 2-5 then back to 2-3, changing every 12 minutes, RPM 90-100.
    • Saturday:  Run, 45, tempo.  aim for six miles in under 42 minutes then 3 min WD.
  • Week 2 (3.5 hours) - in LA monday and most of tuesday, then wed-thursday travel to NZ.
    • Monday/Tuesday: Run, 1.5 hours, Long.  Aim for 12 or more miles.
    • Friday:  Run, 30, speed - 4 x 1 km in under 3:45 (6 min mile pace), or hills.
    • Saturday:  Possible paddle (hand paddle?), 30 min, tempo.
    • Sunday:  Run, 1 hour, tempo.  Rainbow reach?  broad bay?  good solid effort trail run, ideally around Te Anau.
  • Week 3 (4.5 hours) - in NZ, te Anau.
    • tuesday - cycle, 1 hour, tempo/continual hill ride.  (if possible)
    • wednesday - paddle, 40, tempo (hand paddle?)
    • Thursday/friday - Run, Long, 2:10 (up to luxmore?) - note, this workout is sort of a peak workout and so i've put it about 7 days before the proposed trip date.
    • sat/sun - Run, 40, speed/hill intervals.  TBD.
  • Week 4 (1.5 hours) - week of trip. days to be determined based on trip date. Can all be on consecutive days, or even same day.  one day of complete rest prior to trip.
    • Run, 30, easy.  around town with a few pickups
    • bike, 40, easy.  spinning in Z2/3 at high RPM
    • paddle, 20, easy.

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