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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Status update and a bit of nostalgia

I've gotta get outside.  I've had a good run on the treadmill and stationary bike - the automated nature of these beasts have enabled me to consistently push myself in the limited time i've been on them each week, but the sun is coming out and the repetition is getting pretty old.  Last friday I had a great run on the treadmill - three miles @ 6 min pace with easier miles at 7:30 (and 7 the last 'rest' interval) - but half way through i had pain in my left foot.  I stubbornly pushed through and then woke and then could barely walk afterwords - and in the days following.  Internet research made me believe it to be a stress fracture, but by my next scheduled run (yesterday) it seemed to be getting better.  I hate missing workouts (yeah, i know i should work on this - at least this is what tammy tells me) and so thought i'd see how bad it was.  I'm half convinced that the problem resulted from the speed work i've done over the last couple of runs - speed work on a treadmill might not be the best - and so decided to do hill intervals instead.  it was my short workout and i figured i couldn't damage too much in 20 minutes.

I don't really have any baseline for comparison but on a perceived effort scale it was right up there.  15% grade for the duration - rest intervals (RI) at 2 miles per hour (3 miles per hour for the warm up) with work intervals (WI) at a 7:30 pace for the first one and then down to 8:00 pace thereafter.  WI were 1 min long, although it took about 12-15 seconds to be fully up to speed.  This was exhausting.  I was redlining hard for the last 10-15 seconds on the last four.  My lungs burned, heart pounded at near max capacity, and my legs threatened not to cooperate.  Awesome.  I could feel my foot but it wasn't too bad - a bit worse this morning than yesterday (pre run) but can still walk normally.  we'll see how things shape up this weekend and whether i can go for my planned longer run.  fingers crossed.

I've been thinking these past weeks about the mental side of things - after all hitting it hard becomes more and more mental the longer the duration of the challenge.  I find myself worrying a little about August - my next race with the Yogaslackers - a six day event in Idaho.  Apparently all the big boys are coming from overseas - it'll be the first race with international powerhouses going toe to toe with American squads on US soil in over 5 years.  In fact, even half of the 4 time Abu Dhabi championship team will be in attendance - damn i'm getting nervous just thinking about it.  I mean i have no doubt that i'll be in good enough shape to complete the race - but thats not going to be good enough for Yogaslackers.  These guys want to win, or at least get on the podium.  So i'm hoping my belief in mental over physical is on the mark - i'm hoping that my reasonable level of fitness and superior mental fitness will be enough not to let the team down.  Again, fingers crossed.....

Here's part 1 of the Primal Quest 2006 closing ceremonies video - this is what started it all for me.  It was my second ever adventure race, and a real education.  It's also the last time a race in the US has really drawn international teams. Part 2 is below.

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