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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Full disclosure

Life is good but very, very busy. My training is going well and I've had the added bonus of some planning trips up to Pembina for the 24 hour adventure race we are putting on at the end of August. In a sense this is like bonus training, which I am beginning to realize might be pretty valuable. That being said, it's all pretty casual, kind of like an adventure race is for a team that is just out to have a good time. Of course 4 hours on the bike is still four hours on the bike, and i'm learning some valuable lessons.

Yesterday on the four hour ride mentioned above, I squeezed in my fifteen minute training ride by going for broke on a couple of the biggest hills the region has to offer (a monster hill even in Pembina only takes 6-7 minutes to climb when you push hard). Then I rode casually with my co-race planner(Dexter). Then I tore my sidewall beyond repair. I was miles from good roads and going to be very late getting home so my wife could teach her yoga class while I watched the boys. Bummer.

I switched bikes with Dexter and pushed hard again the remaining 10 miles to the car so i could give Tammy time to find someone else to watch the boys. The hour it took killed me. I hand't eaten since before noon (it was about 5 pm), drank my last swallow as i left Dexter, and was apparently pretty dehydrated from the 90 degree day with 80% humidity. I was more broken that i have been since nationals last November.

I felt sick as we started the drive home. I drank three liters of fluids and passed out for 30 minutes. When I woke I felt much better, but didn't have to pee until this morning. Glad to have this wake-up call with still six weeks before Idaho. A few more big missions going over the rest of the course will give me ample opportunity to learn from my mistake.

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