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Friday, June 17, 2011

Idaho angst

I had a tough run today.  plan was to see where i'm at after all the randomness of the last couple weeks - sioux hustler, then a couple weeks of training/recovery before a 10 day stint of vacation in SD with the family at jason's wedding.  I'd sandwich a 4.5 mile tempo run into the middle of an hour outing, aiming for the 9 mph pace (6:40 per mile) - the mythical height of my fitness.  At two miles into the tempo run i was slightly behind pace and exhausted and set my sights a smidge lower to 4 miles.  I did manage the negative split but was completely spent with the effort and had to walk for a minute before continuing at a slow jog the rest of the way home.

I'm suitably anxious about idaho.  I've been here before though - far from where i want to be come race day - and know that there's no real reason to be too alarmed. I just need to find some focus and consistency over the next 8 weeks - the angst will help to ensure that i do.

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