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Thursday, June 16, 2011

sioux hustler and a nice vacation

It's been a month since my last post but i've been plenty busy.  two 'vacations' - one of the adventure sort and one of the eat too much sort have been squeezed in with all normal rites of spring (cleaning, gardening, long overdue home repairs, etc).  The first, the long awaited (by me at least) sioux hustler trail went off without a hitch - better than expected really on a number of accounts.  First of all we got to run some sweet whitewater, a real rarity in the boundary waters i've heard, and second of all the run was rugged enough to be great fun but not so rugged that we got caught by darkness.  All in all it took us about 9 hours to run the 34 or so miles.

Then last week I headed out with the family to San Diego for my brother's wedding. It was an awesome time where i caught up with old college friends, got a few precious moments squeezed into neoprene in the pacific ocean, and ate way too much food. I also got a two hour session with an olympic paddle coach and now hopefully have the right wing paddle technique down (fingers crossed) - which will be important for what comes next.

So what comes next? The idaho expedition race - a seven day event that promises to be the biggest AR in the USA this year (because it has the most prize money, of course!) Lots of international teams are flying over, including the powerhouse NZ and french teams. But this is home turf baby, and not some stage race - Yogaslackers has their eye on the prize, or at least the podium. 8 weeks and one taper week between now and then - and three main disciplines to train for - paddling, biking, and running. Fun stuff.

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