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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Start of the 2010 Swamp Donkey
This weekend I'm heading up north of the border for a perfect training day.....the Swamp Donkey adventure race.  Its a 6-9 hour event through the pre-cambrian shield landscape in and around Whiteshell provincial park and promises to be quite a race (there are over 100 three person teams signed up!). I'm racing with Tammy (my awesome wife) and Joel Larson, a buddy of mine who has been severely race deprived this season and so is raring to go.  It will be my first stab at being sole navigator on a team, which will make things interesting, as will the fact that the three of us have never trained or paddled together, and that Tammy and I are still on the tail end of a cold.  All the same, it'll be alot more fun than whatever other training i'd have gotten up to this weekend, and a great way to meet other racers.  Team Adrenaline Hunters from Fargo, ND are the only other team representing ND and we'll mainly be racing these guys to see who can return as the fastest Dakotans in Canada.  Good luck guys!

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