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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Next on the agenda

CP tracker nationals has come and gone with somewhat disappointing results.  6th place is a long way from the podium, although there is some consolation in that we were one of eight teams to clear the course.  One issue we had was a lack of experience (as a team) with competitive orienteering.  Another problem that we had is that we weren't all on the same page in terms of expectations and fitness coming in.  We figured some stuff out though so hopefully won't make the same mistake if we go for it again next year.

In the midst of nationals and then planning and pulling off (with Ted and Beek) END-TOMBED, our twelve hour mt. bike race that received rave reviews, the arrowhead135, which was to be my next big adventure (i've tackled it twice on bike but was going to attempt completing it on foot this time) filled up.  Bummer.  Luckily, Grant Mehring, fellow suffer-o-phile told me about the frozen otter race in Wisconsin.
Results from the 2011 frozen otter.  Only the top two racers in the purple section finished the full course!
The event takes place about a week before the arrowhead and is perhaps equally as daunting - a 64 mile romp through the woods on a hiking trail.  To be declared a finisher, you have to complete the distance in under 24 hours.  To make matters worse they have a checkpoint every 8 miles with a big fire and the offer of a shuttle back to race HQ where there is indoor warmth and food and drink.  apparently by the 3rd CP racers are dropping like flies.  In face in 2011 only 2 out of the 42 full distance racers completed the course.    Anything that has a 95% attrition rate is my kind of race.

I'm planning on making my own attempt with Grant and Tom Fisher - my partner on last year's bike of the arrowhead135, who is the youngest biker to finish that event and had hoped to be the youngest walker after 2012.  He'll no doubt be the youngest to finish the frozen otter (if he succeeds), and maybe with three of us we'll be better able to ward off the sleep-monsters and rally to push on through CP's that we reach when we're at low points (unless we're all low at the same time, which rarely happens).

And of course, i'll do it only training 2 hours a week.

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