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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The good old days

A friend, Troy Rhodes, recently reconnected with me (ah, the marvels of FB) and sent a scanned photo-album pages from a couple of my very first actual climbing expeditions (both failures, but great educations in suffering!).  Fun to walk down memory lane.  This first set of pages comes from a March 1994 trip to Longs Peak, CO where we set out to climb Keiner's route, the easiest way up the massive East Face.  We only made it to Broadway, a massive ledge system that spans the entire face before retreating. I just love the old photos - i was only 18 but already had such impeccable style.  Enjoy!

Thats me on the right with the sweet BCGs

On Lamb's Slide, enroute to BroadWay ledge

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