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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slush run

The Slush Pond
Spring in North Dakota.  the gutters become awesome pooh-stick courses, the sidewalks a fill with ankle deep cold water, and University Park, a mere two blocks from my house, forms a pond of calf deep slush for a couple of days. 

Last Sunday i took advantage of all three.  I put on my inov-8 goretex ultralight running 'boots' (288 grams per shoe baby!), a pair of Inov-8 'debris' socks, some old shorts (yeah, it was that warm) and went out to run 8 miles.  I ran straight through all the puddles and took to the snow-mobile trails once i hit the greenway.  It was brutal running and despite the vast quantities of water i encountered my feet stayed dry for nearly 40 minutes, finally succumbing to the wicking nature of the socks and one too many over the ankle puddles.  After the run i spent an hour with my boys, Keegan and AJ, watching sticks and leaves race down the street towards the storm drain - careening under half melted blocks of ice and through twisty valleys of snow.  And then after a nice hot shower, the whole family walked down to that pond in University Park to watch Keegan go 'swimming'. 

What a great day.


  1. Looks fun!
    What's your next race? Seems like your training is going well, good splits in the pool!

  2. no official race until untamed new england in june, although i'm directing a 6-8 hour adventure race on april 28th and also planning a 26+ mile marathon swim course for july 21st, so i'll be plenty busy. will probably try to get in some big epic packraft/run or something in late may if i've got the time though and can ramp up my run training in a month....

    as for the swimming, remember i swam in HS, so it's kind of like how you can, after all these years, still go under 18 minutes in a 5K. i'd trade my swim splits for your run splits any day (;