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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1-2 combo (TTD run)

Saturday is my run day.  And in my revolving schedule of speed/temp/long temp workouts it also happened to be my speed day.  I wasn't motivated to do a regular speed workout but wanted something that would force my hand and get me motivated once i started, and here's what i came up with, a tabata tire drag (TTD).

I've used the tire drag in the past to try to increase the load on my legs to simulate either towing my brother on foot in an adventure race (something i get to do often during the races).  It also multiplies the fatigue on the muscles, something that is important when i only train for such limited amounts of time.  I've also used Tabata intervals after looking into the research that suggests that the anaerobic effort they require provides aerobic benefits equivalent to much longer workouts at more moderate efforts.  Both types of workout take quite a bit of mental determination to complete on their own - so why combine them?  well for me the newness of a workout, and the lack of an expectation as to how it will go, can often motivate me when nothing else does.

It was pretty brutal.  on the way out i was fresh (of course) and felt pretty good, maintaining about an 8:20 pace or so with the tire in tow, although i was definitely working somewhat hard (zone 3 or maybe zone 3+).  The tabata intervals varied pretty widely with the first one having me reach nearly a 5 min mile pace, but most of them averaging around a 6:30-7:00 clip.  By the time i was on my way home i was cruising at right around a 9 minute pace.  By the time i picked up the pace for the last 100 yds all i could think about was getting the damn harness off, as if the extreme discomfort i was directly attached to my wearing it.  It wasn't - but at least shedding it gives me the mental relief of knowing i'm done suffering (and getting strange looks) for the day.....

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