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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Injuries and a Fish

It's been a busy past 10 days.  Our kitchen has been torn up since last tuesday to replace the floor and cabinets and so we've been migrating between our house and the houses of both sets of parents.  After spending a few days in town with my folks, we headed to Minnesota to visit my in-laws at the lake.  On Sunday i took advantage of the hill right out their driveway and had my first run since my big effort two weeks prior.  It felt great and based on my splits i was more or less recovered.

But then 4 hours after  i got done, my hip was in agony.  Not sure what the injury was (or is) but it has thankfully gotten a bit better over the last 72 hours.  My attempt at diagnosis pins it as one of the hip flexor muscles or associated tendons.  Straight line movements (where the hip is inline) are fine, but any hip opening motion is difficult, and my walk is slightly limpy.  I've got another run scheduled this week but will stick it on sunday again and keep it short (but fast) to see how things go, and then reassess.

So that is injury #1

Injury #2 isn't mine - thankfully - it's the fish's.  The top picture pretty much sums it up.  We ate the fish, though it didn't amount to a very big meal - my first attempt at filleting did not go as well as my first attempt at fish archery.

Injury #3 (OUCH) also wasn't mine, although it will certainly require me to pick up some slack as Tammy now has rather limited use of her hands until she heals.  Turns out that it is possible to insert the foot-box of one shoe through the loop in the laces of the other.  It also turns out that it is not a good idea to do this while you are running fast.  Or on pavement.  Or both. Now we know.  Sometimes learning from other people is better than learning for yourself.....

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  1. I have the same hip stuff - and have since october....outward rotation a bitch.....full compression too....(knee to chest or deep lunges on that side...) Ummmm I still have not figured it out...but it does get tolerable, and the limp is kinda cute according to Chelsey...