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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A bad week for feet, but a good week for spirit

Goofing around on High Exposure in the Gunks
during my recent climbing trip
Last week was pretty hard on my feet.  First there was the 30+ mile run on Sunday (May 6th).  After two days of 'recovery' i was off to Upstate New York for my first real outdoor climbing in around six years.  It was a great time and made me remember why i was a die hard climber for all those years - but also why me feet look as gnarly as they do.  Three eight hour days and the crag later and my toes had had it - i'd have needed to take a day off even if the trip didn't come to an end.

My plan was to 'give up' the 15 minutes of climbing i was doing a week and add a bit of length to some of the other training sessions but i don't think i will any more - i'm visiting jason out in Bend, OR in a couple of weeks and the trip promises a day of climbing at Smith Rock, so i'll pretend that we'll somehow be able to use the climbing fitness at Untamed New England in June and stick with it.  Besides, it's only 15 minutes.....

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