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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pain Pain go away

the distal tendon is the most painful, but all the
attachment points are pretty darn tender....
I started out with a pretty good training week - solid 10 minute interval sessions on monday and wednesday on the stepmill and bike, respectively, followed on each day by a tabata style strength training session that takes 5 minutes.  Monday was a 'push' day - where i worked my upper body muscles where a contraction lengthens the limb or moves it further away from my body (chest, shoulders, tris in other words).  I hadn't done resistance training in a few months so i decided i wouldn't go too heavy - besides, i was pretty shot after the intervals.  It went well - i could still move the next day but felt the familiar soreness from my days as a gym rat.  Wednesday came and it was 'pull' time (back and biceps).  Again i was conservative - or so i thought.

Thursday i was pretty sore, particularly at the attachment point of my biceps.  Par for the course i thought, although i figured i must have went a bit harder than on monday.

Friday i was in agony. I couldn't straighten either arm without a lot of pain.  I was up in Pembina on a bike ride setting some of the course for the adventure race that i put on every summer and every bump shot tremors up my arms that would nearly cause me to lose control of my steering.  But i toughed it out, thinking things would get better eventually (they have to, right?)

Well, it's saturday and my situation hasn't improved.  It's comical really - with a 150 degree bend at the elbow i don't have any discomfort.  But as soon as i try to diminish that angle i'm acutely (obtusely would have been more appropriate mathematically, but alas it doesn't quite convey the right sentiment) aware that i've somehow screwed myself up.

Maybe i'll be better tomorrow.

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