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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A hard run (the triangle of pain)

The triangle of pain - clockwise from the pin.  Short and sweet and sweaty.  
Had a good run today - despite not really being motivated at the start.  Did i mention i love these short workouts?  i find that even in cases like my run today, once i commit to taking that first step i'm able to just turn it on and pour in the effort - squeezing the most out of those precious few (well, 600) seconds.

I am currently at my in-laws cabin in minnesota and didn't have the sometimes useful crutch of the treadmill to make me work hard, so i opted for a negative split attempt on a slightly less than three quarter mile loop of dirt road right out the front door.  It starts off with a climb of about 50 or so feet over about two tenths of a mile, starting at a relatively modest incline and then steepening as it goes.  Of course i get to lose that elevation gradually over the rest of the run, but i'm a big believer that any run other than a flat steady state run is harder than a flat steady state run.  So in my mind this is a bit tougher (and i shouldn't expect to be as fast) than a three quarter mile interval on a track.

Off i go.  First lap is 4:18, about a 5:56 pace.  Not bad, but it wasn't easy.  I rest for one minute and twenty four seconds (so that i have exactly 4:18 left in my 10 minutes -- motivation!!!) and bolt towards the hill.  My insides were rebelling as i neared the home stretch.  9:56.

Negative by 4 seconds.  Woo Hoo!

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  1. At Andy's suggestion, I did this workout - again as we were at my parent's home. It is decidedly painful. I would use most of the icons from his most recent post to describe this run. HINT: I did not crawl.