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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making it work...

Racer at END-AR24 last weekend...
END-AR 24 is over and was a great success. Amazingly (or perhaps not so much so when you think about it), i didn't miss a workout during the run up to the event.  I did have to incorporate my longer effort last week into a checkpoint hanging mission, but so be it.  Again, i'm loving the brevity of this schedule.

But i'm also loving how fit i am starting to fee.  Today i swam a straight 500 yards in 6:45 - my fastest time yet.  The week after next i'm going for my 'off by 50' short course 50 yards, and at least right now, i'm pretty confident i'll get it.  After that i might even try the short course 500 yard 'off by 50' - which will be a little harder as i'll need to shave about 30 seconds off of today's performance.

But who wants things easy, anyway?

1 comment:

  1. Keep up the great work! Just read your piece in Breathe Magazine and love your approach.

    Are you on Twitter? I'd love to connect since it seems I'm at the same spot. I like to stay active but not dedicated enough to spend 15-20 hours training for IM anymore...

    I'm also a ChiRunning instructor so I love your emphasis on form and efficiency!