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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Micro Test #1 announced

Sure it's a bit narcissistic to announce one's future athletic endeavors (or attempts, rather), but it does serve at least one slightly less unseemly purpose than just getting people to click on a link to my blog on FB and see how cool i am - it helps me to follow through.

Yeah, i know - sounds like a personal problem.  It is of course, but i'm hardly alone here folks...  i'm sure there was a commercial that aired over and over during the olympics showing regular people training hard with a voice-over saying 'you don't need this, and you don't need that... you just need fans'.  I wanted to link to it here but haven't had any success finding it and have wasted way too much time looking - so if you know what i'm talking about and can shoot me a link, i'd be appreciative.  But i digress.

I've decided my first "off by 50" test is going to be in swimming - the 50 yard freestyle.  I'd have shot for 50 meters, but don't have access to a 50 meter pool, so in fairness have looked at the American record for the short-course (25 yd pool) 50 yd free:  18 seconds and 87 hundredths.  Multiplying that by 1.5 means i'll have to swim it in 28 seconds and 30 hundredths.

Seeing as just today i did a few of my 50 yd intervals in roughly 32 seconds with a pull buoy between my legs and pushing off the wall rather than diving, i think i might be able to nab this one within a few tries.  I just need to line up a timer (any takers?) and plan it for a couple of weeks from now.  I'm ready to be held accountable!  by mid September I'm confident i'll be "off by 50" in my first event!  woo hoo!

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