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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Off by 50 revisited - an olympic tribute

I may not be able to beat Mr. Bolt, but i'll be damned if he's going to beat me by more than 50%.....
Like i'm sure most folks out there, i've been watching lots of olympics lately.  In doing so, i started to think about my 'off by 50' rule and what it would mean in a variety of olympic (and some non-olympic) events....

100 meters:  9.58 seconds.  Off by 50 time:  14.37 (equivalent of running 3:53 mile pace for 100 m)
1 mile: 3:43  Off by 50 time: 5:34
10 K (road): 26:44  Off by 50 time: 40:06
Half Marathon:  58:23  Off by 50 time:  1:27:35
Marathon:  2:03:06  Off by 50 time:  3:04:39

50 meter free:  20:91  Off by 50 time:  31.36
1 mile (open water):  16:23  Off by 50 time:  24:35
10 K (open water):  1:54:30 (approx)  Off by 50 time:  2:51:45

10 mile:  17:57  Off by 50 time:  26: 55
40 km time trial:  47:36  Off by 50 time:  1:11:24

I'm pretty psyched now.  except for the longer distances of the marathon and the 10 K open water swim, all of these can serve as great benchmarks and fit into my current training regimen of 90 minutes a week if i get a little creative....

1 comment:

  1. You forgot steeplechase: 8:05 Off by 50 time: 12:07

    I'd run the shorter events with you, I don't see myself pacing off well against an Andy marathon. ;-)