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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feeling Great

"I was exhausted!" "I couldn't get up!" "I vomited in my mouth" "I was a bile factory!"
Icons that would be available in the two hours a week workout tracking app

I have a few FB friends whose workouts appear as updates courtesy of any number of 'workout tracking' apps such as Dailymile.  I know some people don't like seeing workouts posted on FB, but it really doesn't bother me - we're developing into a rather 'social media' based culture, so why fight it.

I do realize, however, after seeing "Mr. X ran 8.5 miles in one hour and felt great!" for the tenth time, that there might be a market in a new workout tracking app for the group of people (as small as it may be by comparison) following an approach similar to my two hours a week philosophy.

This version won't have any smiley face icons to click on to describe a persons workout experience.   it won't report that the person doing the training felt good, fine, blah, or even tired.  Tired is the starting point and so won't need to be mentioned.

This version will have icons of stick figures on their knees, or retching up bile.  It will report things like "Mr.
X did Tabata intervals on the bike and dry heaved (insert number here) times."  Or "Mr. X did a three mile tire drag run in half an hour and couldn't get off the ground for (insert number here) minutes."

Come on all you web developers - there's a (teeny teeny tiny) gold mine here, just waiting for you!

Note - in full disclosure, i must admit that i've never actually thrown up as the result of a workout, or even a race.  I have, however, been reduced to crawling.  In fact, most of my workouts end up somewhere between exhausted and crawling - with me stumbling around in somewhat of a stupor waiting for the pain to subside and wondering with a degree of desperation why it's taking so long for this to happen.  My buddy Joel though is another story, and regularly tastes his own digestive juices as as a result of his efforts.  One day Joel, one day...

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