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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Subway Chubway

On a couple hour return drive from visiting family over christmas i stopped at Subway restaurant with my boys.  With their brilliant marketing campaign they had earned a place in my subconsciousness for THE 'healthy' place to get fast food - or at least fastish food.  Now normally it takes a pretty extreme circumstance to shatter these notions that have worked their way into this level of our psyche - after all they were put there by years of subliminal associations and subtle, unchallenged suggestions (isn't modern advertising great?!).  But when i walked into that Subway and every single one of the three clerks and 10 lunch time patrons weighed more than me and my two sons (4 and 7) combined, the truth was too hard to ignore.  It's moments like that which leave me - typically an eternal optimist - a bit less than hopeful that we're gaining much traction at all in this national health epidemic of ours.

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