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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching Up

I'm very busy.  2013 is almost going to be like some massive year long challenge and I'm kind of excited to see how it all shakes out.  I'm sure there will be lots of failures - or at least a few - but fingers crossed I can keep em in the professional or athletic ambition category  and out of the family one.  That's always the goal I suppose, but it takes a great balancing act sometimes.

So what have i got on my plate besides training for and racing in a very mixed bag of ultra endurance type efforts this year (Arrowhead 135 bike race, a 50K trail run, a 27 mile swim, 30 hour adventure race, and possibly a late fall off road IM or something crazy)?  Well.....

  • Directing 12 races under ENDracing including the Uff Da Mud run, a pretty large scale event.
  • Managing a new Adventure Racing team
  • Acting as Executive Director of Ground UP adventures, a youth based non-profit, duties which include:
    • Project manager for Red River Boat House project
    • Manager of Youth Climbing Team
    • Climbing Club program director
    • CFO
    • Youth Adventure Racing Camp director
  • Home-schooling two crazy boys 
  • Tutoring mathematics to high-school and college students
  • Saving time for a family vacation in there somewhere
  • Saving money for a return trip to New Zealand next December
  • Keeping that balancing act going
When I think of the year in its entirety it totally freaks me out.  So i try not to do that.  Alright, back to work - one piece at a time.  Looking forward to every bit of it.  

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  1. "Managing a new Adventure Racing team"

    Just slipped that one in there, huh?