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Friday, May 31, 2013

Ancillary Benefits

you'd never guess i had such pudgy feet, would you?

I think I fractured my toe 10 days ago.  I was Stand up paddleboarding in Puerto rico. Trying to get out through the surf I lost my balance as a wave crashed on the board and hopped off into what I’d assumed was deep water.  Unfortunately, this particular break was a reef break and I jumped into inches, not feet, of water. 

The day after the accident my toe was slightly swollen and black and blue along its entire length.  Although I could still bend it slightly, doing so was pretty painful.  And although I was on vacation, I still wanted to be active, and had planned on doing a short hard run every other day (the hills from our vacation rental in Rincon were short, steep, and perfect for my style of training!).  I figured I’d give it a go.

The downhill was very painful (slap, slap) and the uphill moderately so.  Luckily, the whole episode only lasted about 15 minutes.  By the time it got uncomfortable enough that I started feeling pretty stupid  - you know, the point where the ‘hey, running with a fractured toe might not be a great idea’ realization hits – I only had about 5 minutes to go.  And feeling stupid for five minutes is ok by me.

So despite my injury, I managed to maintain my efforts during my Caribbean stay.  Although I suppose it may take me a little longer to heal, I’m not worried either.  Seems like I’ll be easily able to train right through this minor detail in a way I doubt I’d be able to were I feeling the need to log 40 miles a week or something.  Sweet. 


  1. I personally think that red is definitely your color!

  2. Good bye toenail! Your foot looks like it belongs to someone with greater girth than you.