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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Been a while, guv'nor (a story about old acquaintances)

Yesterday, i had a long overdue visit from an old acquaintance, the guv'nor.  We'd been out of touch for quite a while for some time so when we ran into each other at the Y i was a bit surprised he showed up.  Normally he only comes when invited (i used to invite him pretty regularly) but lately i'd been coming up with lots of reasons why i preferred to workout without his company.  Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe he'd just missed me.  Or maybe he'd misconstrued our last conversation when i told him about how busy i was and how i needed some time and would call him when i was ready and able to get together.

Well, anyway, there he was.  I didn't really even see him until it was too late to duck out or turn and go the other way. I was on the bike - 2 minutes into my 8 minute workout.  I must have been distracted because i'd inadvertently bumped the level up one notch from last week's effort without realizing it.  My head was down and eyes closed and when i looked up and realized my mistake he had appeared out of no where and was looking right at me.

"Hello" he said. "Got time for a chat?"

It was a rhetorical question and we both knew it.  

So we chatted for the first time in nearly a month, since my big effort at end-trails.  We negotiated and bartered and he tried to convince me that i needed to listen to him as he always does.  But i didn't listen - i focused on the fact that i had only minutes left and i'd already done the hard part, now i just had to hang on.  I let him drone on - glad to hear his voice but even more glad i could hear my own again.

Needless to say since my workouts are so short these days the conversation was over quickly.  And so I said my 'good day' and 'thanks for coming - hope to see you again soon.'  Then I got off the bike and headed to grab my coat and get on with my day.

"Wait for me" came a voice from behind. 

I turned to see the guv'nor's henchman, Agony, standing there.  I'd almost forgotten guv'nor never traveled alone. 

"Come on" i said, motioning to him as i detoured towards the basketball courts for a couple of laps, quads seized with pain reminiscent of the hot aches. "Lets get to know each other again - i think we'll be spending a lot of time together from now on..."

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