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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I need a little help

I like to think of myself as a pretty savvy search string constructionist.  Typically I can find my way into the dusty and less travelled corridors of the web to glean whatever obscure knowledge i'm seeking - fine tuning my search queries over a couple iterations to get an answer to anything that is vexing me.

Recently though i've struck out.  Maybe the fault isn't mine though.  Maybe it is that the information i'm looking for just doesn't exist.  Maybe these hyper intense short workouts have led me to break new ground - experiencing things never before experienced.  Occum's razor though, suggests otherwise.  While i suppose it is theoretically possible that i'm boldly going where no man has gone before it is rather more likely that i'm just not all i thought i was cracked up to be, google-wise.

Alright - lets get to the point (this is where i need your help).  My stationary bike workouts are so debilitating that i feel crippled afterwords.  Immediately after finishing my last interval i usually slam the resistance down to zero, spinning for 30-45 seconds as my heart rate drops from just shy of 200 back to more sustainable levels.  I usually think i'm going to be ok, even though i should know better by now.

How it feels those first minutes...
But as soon as i get off the bike the pain sets in.  And this isn't just normal pain - this is hot aches quality pain (as i mentioned in the last post).  It is difficult to describe.  The pain cannot be redirected or eased.  there is no position i can take - sitting, prone, etc that will reduce it's intensity.  I usually resort to walking (or hobbling rather) around the basketball courts - head clouded by the immediacy of the sensation for probably as long as - or what feels like it anyway - i was on the bike to begin with (8 minutes).  And when i walk i feel like an invalid. I try to keep my legs locked straight  - but when through my uncoordinated movement one takes a bit of weight even with a slight bend at the knee i feel as though i will surely collapse involuntarily - it's as if the muscles have been shut off or something.

10 minutes later all is well - the pain is gone, strength has returned.  the next day there is never any soreness (it's an 8 minute workout after all) or negative effects.

All the info i seem to find is related to DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness, which i'm familiar with but is something very different.

So i'm asking for help.  Thoughts?  anyone else have similar experiences?


  1. Sounds like a case of under-recovering.. Maybe you're overdue for a nice massage.

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