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Monday, December 28, 2009

In the paper

Andy Magness uses Friday's blizzard as an opportunity for a training ride. Magness bikes on Belmont Road in Grand Forks to train for the Arrowhead Bike Race in International Falls in Feb. Herald photo by John Stennes.

I ended up in the local paper (Grand Forks Herald) on December 26th after going out for a brief ride.  In all honesty it wasn't really much of a workout as the riding was so technically difficult i never got my heart rate up.  It wasn't much good for trouble shooting gear issues either - i was hoping to test the merits of the new winter cycling shoes i'd just received from santa but the conditions were so treacherous that i abandoned the idea of clipping in after taking a spill only five blocks from my house where i wasn't able to unclip.  Because the powder was so deep the cleats had gotten quite jammed with snow and it had taken me four of those blocks just to clear them and get clipped in in the first place, i just figured it wasn't worth it.

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