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Monday, February 20, 2012

Humble Pie

Mud is a key ingredient of Humble Pie
Yesterday i went for a bike ride with pending male champion of the Grand Forks Winter Series and triathlete extraordinaire, Sean Cooley.  I like to do silly things like that once in a while, particularly when i start to feel too big for my britches.  I did indeed get schooled as expected.  Although i still like to believe i could take him in a super long suffer-fest, i simply can't keep up in anything less.  Sean, however, being the nice guy that he is - slowed down and waited for me often.

Its nice to get a dose of perspective once in a while.  Thanks buddy.  In fact, it was such a great experience for me that it actually inspired me to write a poem:

Humble Pie

I had some humble pie today
it wasn't very tasty
It made my stomach turn in flips
and left my mouth all pasty

When the waiter brought it out
I thought it surely was
intended for my tea-time guest 
and not for me because

in my head my grand exploits
made me the best of best
but the dish was set in front of me
and my palm the fork pressed

And so i ate that humble pie
washed it down with humble stew
neither one tasted very nice
but i hear they're good for you

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