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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food for thought

Someone sent this article to the guys over at Endurance Nation which is where i read it.  It's a good take on coaching in general and worth the read, despite being somewhat lengthy.  I'm thinking in particular that anyone taking my advice should look at it because it resonates with me - i don't begin to think that i've got all (or any) of the answers figured out, and may not even be asking the right questions!  but i do recognize that so much of what's out there is crap or rhetoric and as one of my favorite quotes (above) suggests - my own experience and critical reasoning is perhaps my most valuable source of information.  it has led me down this path of trying to probe the (relatively unexplored?) border regions of a 'less is more' training philosophy that has at it's core the idea that approaching our actual potentials is largely a function of mental properties and can be effectively and efficiently (time wise) approached with limited volume, high intensity training.

So as not to obfuscate things with language (which i'm prone to do but will try not to in light of the article i've just posted) i'll restate in simple terms my belief:

I think that if your goal is to get pretty close to as fit as you can without making major sacrifices, then if you can muster up the will-power to genuinely bust ass a few days a week, you can reach your goal.

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