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Friday, October 15, 2010

Checkpoint Tracker Nationals

The Checkpoint Tracker National Championship for adventure racing kicks off in less than two weeks.  Training is going well and i'm feeling fit and healthy, but do notice that the slope of the fitness curve isn't as high as i'm used to because i'm training for three sports instead of two.  I think the addition of paddling into the mix is particularly difficult because on an average week i'm only getting two hours of leg based effort in which is a significant reduction.  I'm really getting a bit too much rest between lower body sessions.  It might also be that because i'm not quite as proficient in the paddling as i am in the running and biking it's harder to sustain Z3/4 for the duration of the paddling workouts without sacrificing form and so the hour spent on the water, while useful for paddling, doesn't contribute much to the advancement of my overall cardiovascular fitness.

Anyway, i'm excited to race and go head to head against the best multi-sport teams in the country.

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