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Thursday, July 7, 2011

training for idaho

here is a link to what the folks putting on Expedition Idaho are recommending for training.  I particularly like the following excerpts:
In general… you need to do a few 24 – 36 hour trainings with no sleep, as well as with the same sleep strategies and systems you want to use in the race, including stowing them, carrying them, etc.
There is a for sure chance that at least some of you will be on the water at night. And it’s a big chunk of water. Really big...... [you'll need] kayak/canow skills and safety (like how to flip over and get back in – at night – in the rain) etc. 
One of the biggest challenges at ExpId will occur in the trekking segments, and will require you to progress “on a bearing” through some very…um…challenging terrain…for a fair distance. There’s a better-than-odds-on chance of getting “off grid,” as they say, and ending up on top of the wrong mountain…which would REALLY suck. 
Sounds like it is going to be good fun to me!

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