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Monday, December 24, 2012

Cooperation takes time...

Cooperation doesn't always come easy - but with patience, persistence, and determination, it does come eventually.

I'm pleased to announce that it gastro-intestinal tract is finally cooperating with my rather absurd training schedule.  The past few times i've headed in to the gym to punish myself unrelentingly for 10 minutes my bowels have decided to kindly remind that everything goes better all around when they are empty - totally empty - at the outset of my efforts.  My brain stem has reflexively sent peristalsis waves (or whatever the process is) to my gut a few moments before I get on the treadmill or bike which delays the start of my workout a minute or two but also helps 'eliminate' (pun intended) problems during or after it - both of which had frequently occurred in the past.  Awesome.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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