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Monday, February 4, 2013

End of Gluttony

I'm always famished after a big race.  I eat and eat and eat and eat.  It is a happy time.  But sometimes i overdo it and keep eating vast quantities well beyond the time it is actually beneficial for my body as it recovers from the effort.

Post Arrowhead was one such occasion.

In this case I ate for more than 5 days.  I'm just guessing here, but i'd bet i have consumed 30,000 calories since finishing the race on tuesday night.  It was a perfect storm really, three days of habituated recovery eating leading into my wife, Tammy's birthday (which entailed a friday night dinner at Red Lobster, courtesy of her in-laws on Saturday and then a huge, very rich chocolate cake on Sunday) and a superbowl party with all the regular attendees (veggies and spinach dip, scotch-a-roos, wings, chips and guacamole, etc).  It was epic.

Last night, after the party and another piece of the chocolate cake, I had the worst stomach ache i can ever remember.

I can't pretend i'm still recovering anymore.  It's a lie.  I'm back at it on tuesday, starting to build back up  towards my baseline for the 10 minute workouts and changing the weekend efforts to running in anticipation of the 50K trail ultra just 6 weeks away.

It is time to end the gluttony.

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