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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weakness and Shouting

Photo by Jackson B. Brown
First of all, I want to apologize for shouting.  One of my friends noticed that when these blog posts appear on facebook, the subtitle "my effort to...." is in all caps.  Oops.  This is unfortunately a product of how the template i'm using interacts with FB.  I might be able to fix it but I might not and have decided to just hope it isn't too offensive and move on - using my time on other potentially futile endeavors like writing grants, books, and trying to homeschool my kids.  

Now the weakness part.  I always hope my first workouts back after a big event are going to awesome and have me as fit as i was before the effort.  But of course it never works out that way - i'm usually weaker well into the third week.  This is still the second.  In the end though it's cool because it helps me realize the capacity of my body, the real truth about how long it takes me to recover, and also that i'm really working at my edge. 

Awesome day out there today - going to get the boys outside and drag em around the Iceman run course with a couple of other burly dads.  Fun times. 

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