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Sunday, September 9, 2012

time for a little shave

I decided to stop procrastinating and start getting after some of this Off by 50 nonsense.  Needed to see where i was at on the bike so i went out for a 10 mile time trial today - somewhat windy conditions - 15 mph or so with stronger gusts.  Started from a dead stop (to be fair) and did an out n back (also to be fair).  the first half was the easy half (i prefer it the other way around) and i pretty much died coming back into the wind, particularly when there were no shelter belts of trees to make it a little less blustery.  Total time was approx 27:55 or maybe just under - about one minute will need to be shaved off that time to make my target time and be within 50% of the fastest 10 miles ever ridden.  I almost think i can could do it on a calm day - may try to crack this nut yet this fall.
"i tasted my own blood" icon

Now tomorrow is my first attempt at swimming the 50 meter or yard (never sure how the pool at the university will be configured on any given day) distance.  My friend Beek will be my official time keeper - maybe he'll even video the attempt for me for posterity. Fingers crossed.

My ride today was may leave me less than 100% though, so we'll see.  Less than 10 minutes in i realized i need to add another option for the workout description choices on the 'two hours a week' workout tracking app - "i rode 10 miles and i tasted my own blood!"

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