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Monday, October 8, 2012

Loving what I do

ENDracing/GUP's Family Adventure Race, 2012

I really love what I do.  Not all of it of course, but the part that follows my passion.  It doesn't really even matter that i haven't figured out how to make a living from it even though it takes up most of my time and energy.  If i waited for this to happen i'd be waiting and not doing.*  Not my style.

So what do i do?  I'm passionate about adventure, and so share that passion in whatever way i can.  It's where i came from.  And as crazy as it sounds, living in Grand Forks North Dakota has taught me that adventure really is so much more about frame of mind than about mountains and wilderness.  Yeah, that stuff helps, and adds to it and all that - but it is not absolutely necessary.

This week I helped put on (although the lions share of the credit goes to Jim Grijalva) a family adventure race.  Watching kids from age 3 to 16 running, biking, and paddling and discovering adventure (many for the first time) in their own hometown was just amazing.

Putting on races is A LOT of work.  And the pay (at least the way we do it) is pretty lousy.  But truth be told - the fact that i get misty with emotion and joy as i think back to yesterday while writing this, as silly as that sounds - tells me that I'm doing the right thing.

And that i'm pretty lucky for it.

*I am fortunate to have this option - having a great wife and family that is pretty happy with a very modest lifestyle is really what makes it possible.

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  1. It is we, the community and participants, who are lucky for it. It amazes me that here in GF we can have the unique opportunities END and GUP provide.

    I'm sure I can't even begin to imagine the true amount of effort it takes to execute these events and to keep them going and growing. Just because appropriate kudos may not be communicated at the immediate conclusion of an event, please do not think it is unappreciated. (we usually are kinda tired and excited, ya know) The participants' reward for doing your events last well beyond the time when that of other activities soon fade. And I am sure without your leadership all this would be lost.

    As I have come to expect, the family adventure race was fantastic. My experience with END left no hesitation for me to expose my daughter to all activity. It was thoroughly enjoyable for both of us. As you suggest, I have provided sponsor feedback and appreciation, ie DHB and S&B, etc. Oftentimes, I guess, the first sponsor, the organizer, goes unrecognized. Please keep doing what you do, the extent of your impact may be suspected, but not fully realized.

    As for the misty, reflecting on the challenges overcome with the END-ITs and the opportunity and experience FAR provided for my daughter (and Dad) to share, well, I get a bit misty too.

    Many thanks.

    Dan S.