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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Darren Miller in his element, without anyone to lock horns with
Darren Miller, an 'ocean's seven' pursuitist (is that another new word?!) who I've been keeping up with on FB ever since he agreed to come up and participate in ENDracing's down-river marathon swim this summer, talks about the phenomenon of lock'n'horns with another swimmer during a workout.  He describes it in detail here but basically it amounts to trying to swim faster than the guy or girl in the lane next to you.

I've been back swimming at the YMCA for about 6 weeks now and although there was one guy who was always there when i showed up on friday afternoon that initially looked like he was going to give me a run for my money but never really managed to keep up.  I started to imagine i must be pretty fast.

That all ended last week.  I showed up for my longest swim yet - a planned 45 minute straight effort that i hoped would net me 3000 yards.  Not only did i the workout result in disappointment when i only made it 2800, but I also got totally got totally schooled in a game of lock'n'horns.

I first saw the guy in the locker room as i was getting changed.  He looked pretty fit, but so did the regular who ended up being slower than i was.  This new guy was already in the water by the time i slid into the pool and i could tell right away he was faster than anyone i'd yet seen during my workouts.  I was excited!  maybe this was going to be a great challenge! 

I was quickly and thoroughly disabused of this notion, though, as i pushed off the wall to start my workout right as he came in for a flip turn.  In fact, he pulled away from me so quickly (he must have been a third of the way back when i completed my first length) that he probably didn't even realize we were racing.  Ouch.  The disparity between our speeds was so great that i couldn't even milk it for a great workout.  I felt slow.  And i swam slow as a result.  Interesting how that works. 

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