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Thursday, March 22, 2012

spring time

Walking towards the UND memorial union this afternoon i was reminded of my own collegiate experience and the happy humor of youth.  It has been an early spring this year (really early actually) and the weather today is a very comfortable 60 degrees or so.  And so predictably, all the frat guys and sorority girls who have suffered through a long (well short for North Dakota actually) cold winter without many chances to take their clothes off in public seem to unanimously be rejoicing by doing just that.

Many times i actually feel like i'm in my twenties (and forget how long ago those college days really were) - i'm in what is probably the best shape of my life, work part time, have an old beater car in the driveway, feel broke, and act like a kid for a significant part of each and every day (one of the perks of having my own kids is that it gives me a sort of societally acceptable license to act juvenile myself).  But walking down fraternity row and seeing all those mostly naked bodies i am reminded of my age. 

Its not that i don't look pretty good without my shirt on.  its more that i just don't really think about taking it off so much any more. 

But i can still remember that time when my young hormones were raging at flood stage and the sexually charged microcosm that is so often the university experience had me wearing nothing but shorts in temperatures where i now wear a light jacket.  Good stuff.

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